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You are my cousins, Lionel your father, was my uncle, my father Bernie's brother. I recently visited my father and he prompted my search for information on your father. I wish I had more memories of him and your family. I know though that I have inherited my love and passion for painting from both my paternal and maternal sides of the family. I had a website up with my paintings, but it is not up presently. You most likely know of Lenore's status in the art world, but you may not know about your 2nd cousin, Grace. Grace is Toby's daughter and she is also a fantastic artist. I love your website, your works. Thank you for sharing.
-- Martine Perri Stern, 6/15/17

Dear Pamela, Going through this website was like visiting a museum. What a rich and varied collection of art work. Latif, June 9, 2017.
-- Latif Jiji, 6/9/17

Hi sweety!! Absolutely beautiful! xoxo Leslie
-- Leslie Wasserberger, 2/25/10

What a romantic love story your parents shared for art - so beautiful to see how that has influenced both of you to be exceptionally talented artists!
-- Heather Laine, 7/6/09

a heritage...a legacy of talent passed from generation to has taken me over 45 years to appreciate each and every one of you...and the laughter we have shared makes the colors even brighter. bravo, and love, joyce
-- Joyce Weinstein Charno, 6/29/09

I enjoyed myself and went through all the pictures at least twice.
-- Joan Falk, 5/17/09

Love it! Great website, wonderfully alive art from all 4 of you. Deb, add Zoe to the family art gallery!
-- Gretchen Bolton, 4/17/09

so wonderful to see many of these pictures again. Congratulations on an attractive, comprehensive, and easily negotiated website.
-- Linda Haslach, 1/6/09

Pamela and Debra... Congratulations on an exquisitely executed website - a visual feast of color and image. May you continue to reap the fruits of your artistic labors. A toast to the Stern Legacy. Suki Rae New Year's Day 2009
-- Suki Rae, 1/1/09

How wonderful to view the exceptionally creative talent passed on through your family. Each one of you has a unique artistic gift to share. Beautiful website!
-- Susan Parente, 12/29/08

I have like it a lot. Congratulations for this oustanding art web! Me ha encantado. Enhorabuena por esta extraordinaria web de arte!
-- Eduardo San, 12/22/08

Dear Pamela, What an extraordinarily talented family! Thank you for sharing this impressive collection. I'm deeply touched by your work and that of your family. With Love, Rebbie
-- Rebbie Straubing, 12/20/08

Wonderful artwork. Beautifully presented site and I loved the photos.
-- Paulis Waber, 12/19/08

Dear Pamela and Debra, What a beautiful tribute to your parents and yourself! Thank you for sharing this work with all of us. Bravo! J.
-- Johanna Ellen Heinemann-haas, 12/18/08

I enjoyed viewing these lovely works,
-- Kim Parker, 12/18/08

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